Discoveries of Fast Weight Loss For Women and the 7-Step Weight Loss Wonder

I’m going to discuss two different things here. First I’m going to talk about the different diets which bring fast weight loss for women and how you can loose weight quickly.

Then I am going to discuss an alternative way to lose weight and how you may benefit from this in the long-run. So let’s begin.

Fast Weight Loss Tactics

Now it doesn’t take a genius to work out that you need to consume fewer calories to lose weight, but which is the best way to do this?

Here are a few suggested fast weight loss for women diets:

1) Food Combination Diet

This diet is based on that you are only allowed to eat certain combinations of food in groups. It is believed that you will digest food quicker if you don’t combine certain foods and that they are eaten on their own. So for example, you won’t be able to eat steak and chips.

The food groups are as follows:

  • Proteins (seeds, beans, nuts, fish, poultry and meat) and
  • Starches (carrots, grains, cereal, breads, pasta, rice etc.) should be eaten as separate meals. Both can be eaten with vegetables
  • Fruits must be eaten alone.


Although this diet does make sense in theory, many people find this diet too impractical to follow. It means you can’t have a chicken or ham sandwich. You can’t have a Sunday roast with meat and potatoes. Many people just can’t get their head around this.

2) Atkins Diet

Everybody’s heard of the Atkins diet and it is a controversial diet. Many people have experienced fast weight loss with this, but there are side effects attached to it.

The diet is based on a very high volume of protein and high-fat foods. You almost give up all carbohydrates such as potatoes, bread, rice and pasta.

So for breakfast you could eat bacon and eggs, then have cheese as snacks. Lunch and dinner could be a whole chicken or a huge steak cooked in oil or butter. You can even put fresh full-fat cream in your coffee. Sounds, weird doesn’t it!


Reports of very bad breath is one problem associated with the Atkins diet. There has also been case studies to try and prove that you need to eat carbohydrates as eating only a 90% protein diet will have an effect on your body such as kidney problems and with minimal fruit and vegetables included in the diet, it holds serious implications for coronary heart disease and cancer.

3) Detox Diet

Detox diets can vary widely. A general rule of thumb is that vegetables, fruit, nut, beans, seeds and herbal teas are to be eat with large amounts of water.

What you cannot eat are eggs, fish, wheat, dairy, salt, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and all processed foods.


Can you live off nuts and seeds? I know I couldn’t. This is the one diet that I admit I havn’t tried as I knew from the start I simply could not stick to it, even for a short period of time.

On the medical side of things, it has health problems with lack of nutrients which leads to deficiencies and a lower immunity. This type of diet cries out ‘yo-yo’ as you will inevitable put all the weight back on immediately once starting to eat proper food again.

So What Diet Does Work?

There is no one set clear answer to this as everybody is different, some people with health issues and we all have different shaped bodies. Also people will still continue to try these quick fix diets in a desperate bid to lose their unwanted weight.

I am no nutritional or diet expert, but from years of experience of yo-yo dieting and trying all these diets and many more, I have finally decided to just stick to the basics.

The basics being:

1. Moderate exercise three times a week;

2. Cut out on bad fatty foods (pizza, burgers, chips etc);

3. Consume good fatty foods (salmon, olive oil based foods or anything with Omega 3 oil);

4. Drink plenty of water per day;

5. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (tip: good carbohydrates are in green veg);

6. Eat plenty of protein in chicken, fish, sea fish and eggs (tip: protein fills you up for longer)

7. Consume a limited amount of carbohydrate in brown rice, brown pasta, brown bread and potatoes.

So basically still eat the foods that you like but try to control your diet as above. You are more likely to stick to a diet when eating the foods you like and you don’t have to go to specialty shops to by any expensive ingredients.

By sticking to the seven points above, will give you a weight loss of 1-2 lbs a week which is a good, strong steady and healthy weight loss. It might not be the fast weight loss for women (and men) diet you had in mind, but it will give you a quicker weight loss in the end because you are more likely to stick to it and keep it off.

Good luck!